Web Design & E-commerce Development for Distinctive Beaconsfield


Create an online e-commerce website to extend the reach and offer of the retail store.

Web design, UX design, web development with e-commerce graphic design and digital marketing for Distinctive Beaconsfield.

March 2019


Website Walkthrough


Continuing the expansion of the business, this website followed a similar strategy as its sister, Distinctive Rickmansworth.

Located in a different city, targeting a slightly different, higher-end segment, the website was designed to be clean and sophisticated, to match the type of products sold and focus more on the service aspect. To that end, a consistent layout and colour scheme was used and emphasis was put on effects for interface elements.

The product catalogue was synced with its sister website, as well as the configuration for shipping and notices. 

Optimised for speed by reducing the number of third-party plugins needed to integrate functionality such as the mega menu, sliders and search suggestions.

Special attention was put on a better mobile experience, representing the majority of traffic.

Landing page for building the email list, connected with e-commerce for precise targeting.

E-commerce with integrated loyalty program, ad campaign tracking, Facebook product catalogue and other features to maximise returns.

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