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How it works

Unlimited tasks & revisions

You can request as many design tasks done within your package as you need and unlimited revisions.

custom scheduling

You get 60 hours of work per month, up to 4 hours per day, allocated however you need.

Premium tools

We want to give you a world-class website, so all service packs include a free domain, hosting and an SSL certificate, as well as up to £275 worth of premium tools.

Quality checked

You will be working with one dedicated project manager based in the UK, who will guarantee the quality of the work you get.

Flexible rates

Simply get in touch and we’ll offer you a custom pricing based on your project. We accept payments online only.

Cloud collaboration

We give you access to modern tools for communication, project management and large file sharing. Included in all service packages.

Web Development services

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Hosting & domain

How it works

All packages include a one-year service of hosting and a custom domain name. We give you a choice between a server located in Europe or in the US.


The servers are all VPS, with 200 GB of SSD storage, 8GB RAM, 4 Cores, 200 Mbit/s bandwidth and unlimited traffic


Since it is an ongoing service, you need to pay the yearly fee to maintain the service and domain name. We will remind you of this in advance of the renewal term.

Website Creation

Set up

We set up a WordPress website for you, so you can have a robust content management system with the most flexible functionality and great speed of deployment.


We give you a choice of different professionally-designed styles that you can choose from as a starting template. We then adapt it so it fully matches your brand style.

Examples of our work



We will integrate the latest version of Woocommerce to your site and configure it so it’s ready to start bringing sales into your business.

Sell custom products, services or subscriptions

Not every product is as easy to configure as a mug. That’s why we seek to understand the products you want to sell and find the best way to do it.

Powerful growth tools

To help your business grow, we will add essential marketing tools to analyse its performance and drive sales through email and social media

Examples of our work

Website Migration

If you need your website to be transfered to
another server, we will help you with this process. Please note, we only work with
CPanel at this time.

UX Design

What is it?

A website is much more than a bunch of text, pictures and media files. For it to work, it needs to meet certain conscious and unconscious expectations for its users, as well as several business goals.
User Experience (UX) Design aims to bridge the gap between functionality, design and goals for the users as well as for the business.

How it’s done

UX Design adds a layer of research and testing to standard design. It needs inputs from its users as well as from the business stakeholders to conceive lasting solutions. The length of the UX process depends on the scale of the project, but it typically adds 2 – 4 weeks prior to producing a working design.

Why is it needed?

Companies worldwide have realised in the last few years that UXD is a precursor to a successful product that its users love and that allows businesses to save time and money by planning ahead instead of correcting flaws at a later stage, which can sometimes lead to a product’s demise.

Examples of our work

Custom Coding

Sometimes out of the box solutions won’t make the cut. For these cases, we provide on-demand web development for advanced functionality, maintenance and optimization.

We offer competitive rates compared to standard agencies in the UK. You will get a quote and advice so you can make an informed decision before spending any money.

Examples of our work

Google Analytics

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.

Peter Drucker

Understanding your users is key to improving our products, conversions and ultimately, your bottom line.

If you don’t have Analytics set up, we can do it for you.

Social Media Integration

We help you keep your visitors in the loop by connecting your website to your social media.

An ideal way to bring additional organic traffic to your website and increasing sales by allowing users to buy your products online while browsing Facebook and Instagram.

Landing pages

While you can sell without a website, you can hardly capture potential clients without landing pages.

We build them for you and visually adapt them to your copy to improve conversions. We can create as many variations as you need for split testing.

We finally integrate them with the most popular email marketing software available, such as Mailchimp, Hubspot or Clickfunnels.

Examples of our work

Web management

Once a website is built, it is never really finished. The reason is that a website does not exist in isolation: the technology and other factors around it is always changing – the browsers, devices, user connection speed, security standards (like SSL), legal regulations (like GDPR), to name a few.

Website maintenance is very time consuming and must be done with care – a single third-party plugin might break a website if it is incompatible with other settings after an update.

We keep your websites updated and running smoothly for you.

Live Chat Set Up

Chat is key to good communication

Today more than 41 % of users browsing the Internet expect to find some form of live chat on the website they visit as a form of contact.
At the same time, fewer people are using contact forms and email to contact a business
It is therefore becoming imperative for a business to have a chat system present when the customer needs it


From canned responses to chatbots, we can set this up for you. Just tell us what you’d like to say to your visitors and where you want to send them.

Cloud collaboration

You will have access to the premium project management tools we use so you can easily communicate with us, send us files and receive your files.

Dedicated Support

Reach us via live chat during our business hours for any enquiries, urgent or not. Our dedicated team will give you priority assistance.

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